Who the Hell is Noonerbob?

Good question. You don't really want the answer, so I won't say anything else about it. I am happy, though, to tell you lots of things about the stuff and people I surround myself with, so maybe you can figure it out. If there was a tag in HTML for right here it would be < /selfindulgence >. Hopefully this is the last you will be forced to choke down. Enough with the crap, and on to the stunning and glorious achievements of my exeptionally important life!

A great deal of this site will be of no interest to you. I say this because I have yet to meet another archaeologist who is also nuts about steel-framed (and lugged) bikes, tweaking toyota pickups, computers, beer, and the discussion of (read: rabid quest for the annihilation of) pseudo-science. If you are me, then you might just prove me (you) wrong and like this whole thing. Good luck.

Please keep in mind that because I am a keenly interested slug, there is little or no content on this site at the moment. Just a sort of file storage and cheap email (insert no emoticons here)

Please email me with comments, questions, etc. Your feedback may or may not be appreciated.

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Now, for a shot at the big money, let me just say that the link below is voluntary! I like this hosing service a lot, it is cheap and reliable. The day it starts to suck I will pull this banner down, and probably get around to switching hosts later. I've been burned by Omnilect/Transtelligent, and a few others, so I took a month or so to decide on a host.